Montoya, Raphael (FRA)

Geburtsjahr 1995
facebook @raphael.montoya.7
Wohnort Saint Laurent du Var - Frankreich
Im TVG seit 01.01.2020

Sportlicher Lebenslauf

Warum EJOT Team?

"... I would like to start with EJOT Team cause it's definitely the best team in Germany, I'm looking forward to give my best for EJOT Team and keep the title at home. I like the atmosphere in French Grand Prix, so I want to live the same thing in a other country with a other team. I always enjoy team races so I excited to start a new adventure with EJOT Team. Glad to be in the crew and ready for fight!..."


French Triathlete -

Weltmeister und Europameister der Junioren 2014

7facher Französischer Triathlon Meister

Vize-Europa Meister Triathlon der Elite 2017

Weltmeister U23 Triathlon 2017


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